Mr. S. R. Aworere, Director Budget

The Budget Department is the fulcrum for development in the State as it handles the strategic aspect of governance which is allocation of scarce resources for implementation of government projects/programmes. The department, which has four sections, is saddled with the mandate to formulate and prepare the annual budget of the State.  This lofty mandate is achieved through annual formulation of policies and strategic Framework on which anchors the Fiscal measures of government.  At present, the operation of the department is facilitated with the use of a dedicated online real time data collection and collation website, (http://www.ondobudget.org/), for budget preparation and report.


To be the reference point in Nigeria and indeed, the emerging world, in transparent and participatory budgeting.


To achieve turnaround of the state’s economy through efficient allocation of resources.


 The major functions and activities of the Department are as follows:

  • Formulation and Implementation of policies relating to budgetary matters.
  • Preparation of annual Budget and any supplementary Budget of the State Government.
  • Monitoring of budgetary control and compliance with budgetary guidelines.
  • Collection and analysis of monthly returns on revenue and expenditure of MDAs.
  • Liaison with the House of Assembly on budgetary matters.
  • Evaluation/review of and if need be, revision of the Budget (Budget Reordered)
  • Preparation of strategic Budget planning policy documents (MYBF, MTEF)
  • Support Ministries Departments & Agencies in preparing their Medium Term Sector Strategies.
  • Organising Budget officers meeting.
  • Organising budget training and retreat for Budget Officers, Accountants and other Stakeholders in the State.
  • Providing support to Local Government and OSOPADEC in budget preparation processes.
  • Advising government on matters relating to budget.
  • Publication of the State Annual Budget, Budget Speech, Abridged Budget, Reviewed/Re-ordered Budget, etc.

 There are four Units in the Department  viz;

  1. Budget Development and Control
  2. Fiscal Strategy and Budget Performance Review
  3. e-Budget and ICT
  4. Budget Registry and Staff Coordination

  1. In conjunction with the e-budget division annually coordinate the review the State Budgetary Process
  2. Preparation of Annual, supplementary and Review Estimates
  3. Coordinate the periodic Budget Officers meeting
  4. Drafting of Budget Speeches
  5. Preparation of the Contingency Record Report
  6. Printing and Supervision of approved Estimates
  7. Preparation of the Budget Analysis Report
  8. Issuance of Budget Certificates
  9. Preparation of Sectoral Analysis Report
  10. Monitoring and Tracking of Budget Performance

  1. Review and Coordination of the Preparation of the Medium Term Planning documents:
  2. Formulation of the overall resource application strategy in line with government’s macro-economic policy, development agenda and plan.
    • Multi Year Budgeting Framework (MYBF)
    • Medium Term Sector Strategies (MTSS)
    • Medium Term Fiscal Framework (MTFF)
    • Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF
  3. Development and administration of budget classification system essential to fiscal management and control.
  4. In conjunction with the office of Establishment, conducts a continuing study on the bureaucracy and assesses as well as makes policy recommendations on its role, size, composition, structure and functions to establish a government bureaucracy imbued with a spirit of public service
  • Functions of e-BUDGET and ICT

  1. E-budget web portal maintenance/administration
  2. Web portal Database Management
  3. Upload of budget ceilings for MDAs
  4. Regular interaction with MDAs’ Budget Officers on budget related issues
  5. Monitoring and ensuring appropriate budget inputs from MDAs
  6. Modification of the portal to meet new demands
  7. Creation of new budget codes for revenue and expenditure heads
  8. Creation of new codes for new MDAs
  9. Creation of new login details for new Budget Officers
  10. Download budget submissions from MDAs
  11. Compilation and arrangement of budget estimates for subsequent printing
  12. Participation in the entire budget preparation activities and other assigned duties
  13. Collation and Weekly report on the public participation/ feedback modules of the application
  14. Handles all ICT related development of the Department
  15. Serves as the e-archive of the Department

  1. Management of in-coming and out-going mails and files
  2. Record Keeping
  3. Staff Development and Training including Training needs assessment, Leave Management and Staff Welfare