Mr. B. J Daisi, Director, Development Planning

Vision:  To be the cynosure of all in economic plans development and policy formulation in the Country.

Mission: To leverage on timely, relevant and reliable economic data and indicators to develop plans that stimulate growth and development in Ondo State.

The Department has three units:

  1. Plans Development and Policy Coordination Unit,
  2. Economic Intelligence Unit, and
  3. Research and Statistics Unit.

The functions of each of the Unit are as follow:

Plans Development and Policy Coordination Unit

  • Initiate and coordinate the State Development Plan in line with the policy orientation of the State government for growth and development.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the State long term and medium term plans.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the State Annual Capital Budget.
  • Advise Local Governments on matters relating to development planning.
  • Produce Blueprint to Progress Implementation framework.
  • Serves as secretariat of the State Development Coordinating Council and State Joint Planning Committee.
  • Liaise with the Federal Government Ministries/Agencies on planning for development
  • Attract new project intervention for the State.
  • Coordinate the State Economic and Development Summit.

Economic Intelligence Unit

  • Monitor macroeconomic indicators in Nigeria and relate it to Ondo State.
  • Coordinate the production of Economic Watch Bulletin.
  • Manage Economic Data Bank.
  • Organise from time to time seminar on prevailing economic issues around the world and in Nigeria and their implications for the State.
  • Explore new economic opportunities for the State within and outside Nigeria.
  • Provide economic intelligence support to the Ministry for Economic Planning purpose.
  • Analyse the Socio-economic and Fiscal effect of Policy Pronouncements.

Research and Statistics Unit

  • Undertake Research and Development for Policy formulation.
  • Research and Publication of Empirical Economic Papers.
  • Collecting, collating and analysing data on the natural, human and financial resources of the State in conjunction with the State Bureau of Statistics.

                                                        Organogram of Development Planning Department