Mr. O.O Akosile, Director Finance and Administration

The Department of Finance and Administration oversees other department-wide administrative functions. The Department ensures efficient performance of all departments in the Ministry by providing administrative and financial support services in line with laid down policies and procedures of the Civil Service Rules, Financial Regulations and other extant rules and guidelines. The Department has two major divisions; that is, the Administration/Personnel and Accounts. There are four sections under the personnel divisions namely: the Stores, Transport, Records and the Library sections. The Accounts division has two sections namely; the Other Charges and the Personal Emolument/Salary section respectively. The activities of F&A provide for social, welfare, maintenance of personnel, assets and provision of general services.


To always be at the forefront of innovation and peak of service delivery that will enable the Ministry to be a centre of exceptional service always.


To provide excellent working environment and conditions that will enhance productivity and delivery of objectives of the Ministry.


  1. Coordinate and advise management on financial and administrative matters.
  2. Responsible for staff welfare matters, including human capacity development and training programmes (local and foreign).
  3. Preparation of annual budget of the ministry, including Personnel Estimates.
  4. Coordination of staff discipline and control.
  5. Keeping proper inventory of government properties
  6. Preparation of annual work plan for the Ministry.
  7. Maintenance of all vehicles, office equipment and other capital assets of the Ministry
  8. Services the other departments to enhance conducive and productive work environment for staff
  9. Preparation of monthly financial reports and the annual accounts of the Ministry
  10. Production of monthly staff Nominal Roll
  11. Conducts monthly medical check-up and health-walk for staff
  12. Performs other routine duties as may be assigned

Finance and Administration Department Organogram