Programming & Systems Support

Mrs.R.K Ayeni


This Department was created based on the compelling need of a Department to take charge of numerous ICT activities/projects within the Ministry. The Department has two Divisions (hardware and software) and comprises three categories of cadres. These are the Programme Analysts, the Data Processing Officers and Data Processing Assistants. Each cadre has its own unique functions and responsibilities.


  • To harness the benefits of Information and Communication Technology to drive governance, economy and better the lots of the Ministry/Ondo State citizenry.


  • To develop, deploy and support innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the changing learning, research and management needs of Ondo State.


  1. The Department is a service provider, in collaboration with other Departments, use ICT to drive all the activities of the Ministry
  2. Studying and analysing problems/faults in systems and carrying out necessary repairs.
  3. Planning, organising and arranging for the running of programs on the system.
  4. Taking inventory of all the ICT equipment in the Ministry on quarterly basis.
  5. Regular maintenance of all ICT equipment in the Ministry (installation and re-installation of hardware and software components).
  6. Evaluating new systems design and integrating them into existing systems.
  7. ICT capacity building for the staff of the Ministry. (Training and re-training of staff of the Ministry on newly developed application software and other packages).
  8. Advising the management on the feasibility and durability of computer systems accessories and equipment that need to be procured.
  9. Creating and managing of database in the Ministry.
  10. Procurement/purchase of necessary software and hardware requirement/equipment for the Ministry e.g computer system and accessories, APC power surge etc..
  11. Creating and managing the Ministry Websites and e-mail ( and all their correspondences etc.
  12. Computerization of all the Ministry activities.
  13. Other assignment as may be directed by the Ministry through the Department.

Organogram of  Programming & Systems Support Department