The Nigeria State Health Investment Project is a World Bank assisted project which is being implemented over a period of 5years in three states of Ondo, Nasarawa and Adamawa. The NSHIP Started in December 2011 with a pre-pilot in one LGA (Ondo East) and scaled up in 2014 & 2015 to cover 9 LGAs (PBF) and 9 LGAs DFF in Ondo State. The project was designed to cover 591 HFs in the State (Public – 577; Private – 14 HFs). The overall objective of NSHIP is to improve the health status of the population especially mothers and children in the State.  

Achievement till Date

  1. Coverage of 591 Health Facilities (HF) in the State (Public-577; Private-14HFs)

  2. Implementation of urban performance based financing in pilot LGAs (14 HFs)

  3. Implementation of demand side financing in pilot LGAs (43 HFs)

  4. Strengthening the effective implementation and realization of the goals of State Health Sector Development Plan (2017-2021)

  5. Digitalizing human resource system development of Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Agency

  6. Increase in health facilities services utilization

  7. Increase in quality of healthcare service delivery

  8. Increase in health facilities autonomy

  9. Increase efficiency in health resource management

  10. Reduction/elimination of medicines out of stock at the health facilities

  11. Improved financial management with the use of business plans and financial management books at the health facilities

  12. Improvement of infrastructure in health facilities